Dash - Dashboard Renovator

Need to give your car an instant interior makeover? Dash is the answer. Dash combines traditional silicone technology with an advanced fast-release emulsifier system. The result is a unique product which cleans and dresses vinyl surfaces simultaneously saving valuable time. As well as giving vinyl a "new look" finish Dash feeds the vinyl helping to prevent fading and cracking and its pleasant fragrance leaves the vehicle fresh and clean. Dash is solvent-free, eliminating the need for any special precautions during use.

The video to the right shows Dash in action.

Interior Plus - Superb Interior Cleaner

Interior Plus is not just a carpet and upholstery cleaner. Its built-in fabric softeners and conditioners and colour enhancing fluorescers help maintain the colour and texture of your carpets and upholstery whilst its unique anti soil-redeposition agents give you real deep-cleaning power with minimal effort. The hard surfaces inside your vehicle can also be cleaned with confidence and Interior Plus's neutral formulation makes it an ideal leather cleaner. Interior Plus can be applied manually or, if you use a spray-extraction cleaning machine, the low-foam formula and high dilution capability make it the ideal product to use on even the toughest jobs. A fantastic fragrance leaves your car smelling clean and fresh.

Wheels - Acid-Free Alloy & Steel Wheel Cleaner

Wheels is a powerful blend of penetrants, emulsifiers and complexants which produces outstanding results on alloy and steel wheels.

The non-acidic formula enables Wheel to be sprayed on to the wheel without fear of damage to the surrounding surfaces. Any soiling present on the wheel, including stubborn brake dust, is lifted by the product and held in suspension. A final rinse with clean water completes the operation.

Storm - High Performance Traffic Film Remover

Storm combines powerful film removers with an advanced detergent package to give unequalled cleaning performance. Once cleaned, specialised anti-soil additives help to prevent dirt buildup on the vehicle, keeping it cleaner for longer.

Storm easily removes heavy traffic film deposits, whilst its deep degreasing properties make it ideal for chassis and truck cleaning.

Storm is highly concentrated and can be diluted with up to 250 parts hot or cold water, depending on water hardness and the severity of soiling. Storm can be applied by pre-spray or directly via the pressure washer detergent feed.

DuckWax - Magnetic Wax Liquid Polish Rinse

DuckWax provides excellent water beading and gloss with easy rinsability in pressure wash AND brushwash systems. DuckWax employs charged molecules which are electrically attracted to paintwork, where they bond and displace water. Treated vehicles drain faster and require less leathering.

Wash N Shine - pH Neutral Car Shampoo with Magnetic Wax

Wash N Shine combines a powerful yet gentle cleaning action with a highly charged magnetic wax which bonds to the vehicle surface, instantly repelling water.

The wax film formed by Wash N Shine is flexible and self-repairing. The film not only repels water but also reduces dirt build-up on the vehicle.

Wash N Shine is pH-neutral and is free from caustics, solvents and abrasives.

Solve-Free - Heavy Duty Solvent-Free Degreaser & Cleaner

Solve-Free is an industrial strength degreaser and cleaner formulated to handle the toughest cleaning challenges.

Recommended for the cleaning of workshops, garages, factories, plant and equipment.

Solve-Free contains no solvents and is fully biodegradeable.

The video to the right shows Solve-Free in action.

Off The Wall - Non-Flammable Biodegradable Graffiti Remover

Non-hazardous, non-flammable, environmentally friendly graffiti remover.

Research has shown that prompt removal of graffiti reduces the likelihood of recurrence.

Off The Wall is a fast, safe and easy to use product for removal of graffiti from buildings, walls, buses and trains. Off The Wall works on most hard surfaces and upholstery and can be used manually or via high pressure removal methods.

The video to the right shows Off The Wall in action.

Plasma-Tek - Non-Flammable Aqueous Anti-Spatter

Non-hazardous, non-flammable, environmentally friendly graffiti remover.

Plasma-Tek is solvent-free and non-flammable and is the safest way to prevent adhesion of spatter during welding, plasma cutting and plasma gouging operations. Plasma-Tek can be arced or welded through without the production of hazardous fumes. After processing, simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove spatter and any Plasma-Tek remaining on the surface. After welding or cutting, components can be coated or painted without the need for costly solvent degreasing operations.

Plasma-Tek contains no mineral oil or silicone.

Action Wipes - High Performance Industrial Wipes

Non-hazardous, non-flammable, environmentally friendly graffiti remover.

If you are a mobile worker and you are often away from soap, water and washing facilities, Action Wipes are the answer. They fit easily into your toolbox or overall pocket, and provide a ready to use cleaning capability, whether you need to wash your face, your hands, your tools or your boots. In fact, whatever you need to clean, Action wipes can help. Action Wipes are packed in a convenient sleeve of 100 wipes. When empty, the sleeve is recyclable and easily disposed of.

Ultra Shield - Extreme Skin Protection

Ultra Shield is a safe modern alternative to traditional sticky barrier creams. When applied, Ultra Shield forms a highly polar invisible film which is totally impervious to paints, solvents, resins, oils and adhesives. But Ultra Shield's protective barrier is 100% water soluble and incorporates natural herbal extracts of Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) so a quick rinse with water is all that is necessary to restore clean conditioned hands. Ultra Shield is free from silicones making it suitable for use in body repair shops resin moulders and in any task involving paints or adhesives.